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Safe. monster

one and a half meters high, it is not even clear how it was brought in. Probably, they lowered it through the roof, dismantling half the house Locked with one key, complex and beautiful, but in fact - nonsense. The walls are painted blue, on the ceiling there is the same impressive stucco molding with a huge ceiling, in which there is a gigantic chandelier. The ceiling is high, so the chandelier does not seem dangerous. A hand-forged grating is fixed on the only window, the door is metal.

three women work in the room. Olga is the chief accountant, forty-five years old, Elena is an accountant-cashier, but at the same time she is also the sister of Popov's wife, thirty-five years old, and another one is Irina, twenty-seven years old. She is also called an accountant, but it seems that she was taken so that the first two would not be bored.

When we went in with the director, Elena, pale and tearful, was drinking tea, Irina was trying on a new blouse, and Olga advised her to definitely buy it. Not a bad blouse, Irina really looked very pretty in it. She is tall, half-Kazakh, painted

light blond, bob haircut. But her teeth are bad, but she does not pay attention to this and loves to smile.


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