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Program Overview

Theory, lab and clinical instruction in subjects such as Orientation, Laws & Regulations,  Skin Care & Treatment, Skin Theory & Structure, Client Consultation, Waxing Procedures & Treatments, Hair Removal, Business Skills TO CONCLUDE 115 HOURS

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60 Theory Hours 

a. School policies;

b. State law, regulations, and professional ethics; and

c. Personal hygiene.

 Skin care and treatment:

a. Analysis;

b. Anatomy and physiology;

c. Diseases and disorders of the skin;

d Health sterilization, sanitation, bacteriology, and safety including infectious disease control measures; and

e. Temporary removal of hair.

 Skin theory, skin structure, and composition.

 Salon management:

a. Business ethics; and

b. Care of equipment.


55 Practical Hours

 Client consultation:

a. Health conditions;

b. Skin analysis;

c. Treatments;

d. Client expectations; and

e. Health forms and questionnaires

Waxing procedures for

brow, lip, facial, legs, arms, underarm, chest, back, and bikini areas:

a. Fundamentals;

b. Safety rules; and

c. Procedures.

Wax treatments:

a. Analysis;

b. Disorders and diseases;

c. Manipulations; and

d. Treatments.

Arms 4  Back 2  Bikini area 6  Brows 12  Chest 1 

Facial (face, chin,cheek)/Lip 6  Leg 3  Underarm 2


All courses and schedules are available on a minimum class start. Classes may be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled due to class, faculty or instructor scheduling conflict, as well as in the case of insufficient enrollment. Winks  Esthetics Academy  reserves the right to make said changes without prior notice. The School offers makeup hours for students enrolled in licensure classes who would like to make up missed hours.

All educational programs at  Winks  Esthetics Academy  are taught in English.

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